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Cute Ways Kids Can Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day

Many people take for granted the freedom that we have today. However, watching the news and looking at the current wars around the world is an excellent dose of reality for someone who enjoys the joys of not living in a war full world.

Cute Ways Kids Can Thank a Veteran on Veterans Day

Countries and governments celebrate veterans day in hopes of creating the awareness that soldiers have fought for the freedom that is enjoyed. Many events and activities are organized to involve children and to help them understand the significance of war veterans and their lives. They truly deserve respect, honor, and love that their work is appreciated. For many people, Veterans Day is just a day off from going to school for the children or a weekend that the whole family enjoys, but the meaning of this occasion runs more profound, and it is essential to teach children how they can thank the ex-soldiers of the war that give them the liberty they enjoy today.

Ways one can thank them are:

  1. Say ‘Thanks”

Thank a war-hero or serviceman by just saying, “Thank you.” It’s that easy. Many veterans wear a particular cap or pin which would distinguish them. When you see veterans at any parades and special events, teach your child to walk up to them and offer a few words of gratitude. This is the easiest way to make a veteran believe they are appreciated. They have seen hardship around the world and genuinely enjoy spending time with children. Therefore, when they see a child understand their work, their hearts are filled with joy

  • Pray for veterans.

A prayer is a powerful act. You can pray at home with your family, for the lives of the veterans and their families. You can also pray for them in your church fellowship or ask that it be a part of the Sunday service. You could also tell an ex-soldier you pray for them regularly. It is very meaningful and encouraging for both discharged and active duty Army service members to get prayers. Teaching a child to pray daily for the lives and service of a veteran also shows them the core values of gratitude.

  • Deliver a gift

You can also support war-veterans in your area by taking a unique homemade handicraft or goodie to a Veteran’s hospital to confer your gratefulness for their aid. Children can be included in making these goodies and sharing the same. You can also encourage children to hold lemonade stalls outside their homes to raise money for a homemade gift for a veteran.

  • Attend a Veteran Parade

Visit a Veterans Day ceremony in your area. You can simply do a google search of where you can find events. Teach kids to stand and applaud for ex-soldiers marching past. This is a tremendous act of appreciation that kids will like doing as well — a fun-filled time with a bit of good attached to it.

Attend a Veteran Parade
  • Sharing your family time

Invite a war-veteran to your house on Veterans Day and share a meal with them. It could be any relative that is a veteran. Or skip cooking at home altogether and treat them to dinner at a restaurant. Children can be at the same table and spend time talking and listening to some of the experiences that movies are made of.