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Emotional Support for Veterans

A person who has served in the military may need a great deal of emotional support, especially if they have been in combat. Physical disabilities related to injuries can cause emotional problems such as depression and even problems in cognition. These issues may arise in veterans regardless of whether they were injured or physically disabled in combat. Many returning military personnel may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which can seriously hamper their ability to function in everyday non-combat situations.

Expert Help

Providing companionship and seeking out resources for such veterans, is imperative. In some cases, expert help and intervention may be necessary, particularly for a person who feels that their problems are spiraling out of control or if their family has serious concerns. Coming to the aid people with emotional problems can be near impossible without the support of professionals. It is therefore a good idea to contact the organizations that regularly assist people as they can provide advice on how to assist individuals who may be having psychiatric issues due to their service. People returning from war may seem absolutely fine but could actually be suffering in silence, so it would be considerate to educate yourself about what they may be going through. Even sitting and talking with a veteran can relieve them of some anxiety

The Veterans Affairs Administration will be able to provide guidance and suggestions on where you can find help for those who are struggling emotionally. Emotional support is often the hardest to provide, so being aware of resources that are locally available is a good first step. For example, there may be psychological counseling and group therapy options available at a nearby veterans’ hospital or community centers.

Support Animals

The use of emotional support animals has been shown to be very effective. Emotional support animals (ESAs) are animals that are trained to provide emotional support to those who need it. Depending on the animal, they may or may not be classified as service animals, so the ability of these animals to always accompany the veteran to places such as restaurants, may be somewhat limited if they are not trained.

The most popular service animals are dogs that have been trained to help individuals including those who have PTSD, depression and panic disorder. These animals are usually legally able to accompany the person into restaurants, shops or onto airlines. The Pets for Patriots is an organization that can assist with obtaining service or support animals. In addition, this organization can provide some assistance with vet bills.

Service dogs are specifically trained so as to know how to behave in public and how to help their master overcome anxiety. They can be taught to do things that their owner may not be able to do himself like fetch items, do the shopping and even to press a button on the phone to call the emergency services. If you are an animal lover and want to find a way to volunteer to help veterans in your community, you should find out if any such organization exists near where you live.