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Financial Support for Veterans

Times are difficult for everyone financially, but it can be especially challenging for veterans. Many return to the civilian world with physical or mental injuries and, in most cases, both physical and mental scars. It may be difficult for them to adjust and cope upon returning home and they often need a great deal of emotional and, often, financial support.

Support Those in Need

A great way you can contribute is to donate money to various organizations that work to help veterans and their families. You may feel that you are unable to make a difference, but every little bit adds up to make a real impact in their lives. These ones may be in danger of becoming homeless and so it is crucial that systems are set in place to provide the needed funds to help such individuals and to really show appreciation for their service to the country.

The Armed Forces Foundation is a non-profit founded in 2010 to provide much needed assistance, including financial aid. Another good organization is the Modest Needs Organization which also provides some financial aid to those individuals who are unable to qualify for other forms of assistance. It is mostly for individuals and families who are slightly above the poverty line and in a financial crisis. These are the people who tend to fall through the gap when it comes to government assistance, which is where the Modest Needs Organization can step in and create a safety net.

For Veterans and Their Families

USA Cares provides financial aid to meet basic living needs of veterans who have been injured in the course of their service. This can include lending a hand to those who have received a traumatic brain injury or who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. The aim of USA Cares in these cases is to provide some financial support while individuals receive the medical care they need. It alleviates some of the stress of vets who are already struggling because of their various injuries and traumas.

The organization also helps to cover their living expenses while they train for new careers in the civilian world. This Career Transition program relies on donations from private individuals to keep the program going, and it also provides money to those who may not have transport or be able to afford relocation costs if they do get a job. The program regularly pays part of the cost of fuel for vets driving to job interviews.

The USA Cares has partnered up with various employers to help veterans to obtain gainful employment and promote financial independence. The goal of USA Cares is really to uplift service members in the community.

Injured or Disabled

Operation First Response is aimed at helping those veterans who are injured and/or disabled. They provide various levels of financial assistance depending on the needs of each particular case. This organization accepts donations in several forms; aside from the usual cash donations, people can donate vehicles, boats and stocks and securities. There are also various fund-raising events that the organization hosts.