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How Schools Can Teach Children to Honor Veteran – Writing a Letter

How Schools Can Teach Children to Honor Veteran - Writing a Letter
How Schools Can Teach Children to Honor Veteran – Writing a Letter

Without the life, dedication and service of veterans, the general public can’t be safe in a world where war and battle are always a few feet away. Most people only give passing thoughts to those who are on the firing line in the military, and as for veterans, it is a wonder how they are even remembered at all. Most people take retired veterans for granted without understanding what they have been through.  Unless the young people of today are constantly reminded about the service that the military and the veterans perform for our country and freedom, there is a chance that they would be forgotten.

Start in Schools and Playgroups

Teaching young kids about veterans and appreciation is a very crucial part of developing gratitude in children. Schools, playgroups and small teaching circles are a great place to start this initiative. It does not have to be on a large scale. It can be as simple as writing a letter to the veterans to thank them for their service. This can also extend to walking up to a veteran in a public place and thanking them for their service. Writing letters has its advantages. It teaches children gratitude and also how to write a letter well while learning authority over the language.

Identifying Veterans

While the initiative is great, it can be confusing where to find the veterans or who to contact to send these letters to. Teachers can discover veterans in local hospitals that cater to veteran health or organisations that work closely with veterans. Once these veterans are identified, the children in school or playgroup can be taken to meet the veteran and hand over the letter and ask them any questions that they have. This is rewarding for both the veterans and the children in many ways because of the interactive nature of the association.

Conducting A Letter to Veterans Workshop

Leading workshops are a great way to focus all the attention on the subject matter. Huddling up children in a classroom to have a veteran come and speak to them about his work is an excellent way to start. There are also books, DVDs and other material that are available that can be added to the workshop coursework. Once the children have a brief understanding of the subject, they can be encouraged to write a letter to the veterans. They can begin the message by simply saying ‘dear sir’, and then get on with writing the letter. Ensure that the children open the letter’s text by detailing the reason why they are writing the letter and what they have understood from the workshop. Teach them to close the message with respect and kind words to encourage veterans to live a fulfilling life now that they are not in service. The main body can also have a gist about who the child is, what their interests are and what they do, so the veteran who receives the letter will have an idea about who they are receiving the gesture from.