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How to Help Veteran Families

There are many things a person can do to support the families of veterans. They may struggle financially, especially if the returning serviceman or woman had been injured during combat, meaning they may need to retrain for a different job.

Employment Help

The 100 Entrepreneurs Foundation was created to assist injured veterans in seeking employment once they were out of the hospital. This organization teaches classes and provides guidance to help individuals enter the workforce. This can include giving them advice on how to set up a business. If you would like to assist, you can make a donation or even offer to teach a class so that individuals gain the skills that they need in order to be successful.  If you have business experience, you can sign up to mentor an entrepreneur.

If you are a business owner or are in charge of hiring, you may consider searching specific job boards for possible candidates. When you hire a veteran, you inadvertently improve their family life as you provide them with a source of income and they can become more independent.

You can also donate old cell phones to Cell Phones for Soldiers. This organization refurbishes old phones and then donates the money they make, providing emergency funds for families that are in dire financial need.

Family Support

There are, in fact, several programs that are devoted to assisting vets’ families. Some are focused on providing support and information for relatives of those who have been injured. For example, the TBI Family Caregiver Curriculum is a department of defense program that provides useful information for family members who have a veteran suffering from a traumatic brain injury (TBI). There are various online presentations, such as webinars that people can sign up for.

Operation Enduring Families is another helpful organization, which is part of the Support and Family Education (SAFE) program, established by the Veterans Affairs Administration. The SAFE program also supplies access to information and support for members who have to deal with the difficulties of living with a veteran suffering from mental illnesses such as depression and PTSD.

Soldiers Angels is an organization that is always in need of volunteers. They provide all sorts of aid to those in need. An example is the Adopt-a-Family Team program. Veteran households often have a limited budget and so have a hard time providing for their necessities, especially during the holiday season. This program lends a hand, so they can do this a little more comfortably. You can donate to the program or even volunteer to be on the team, or team up with community members to make a family’s Christmas extra special. Business owners are also encouraged to adopt a family in need.

The Living Legends Team is another group in the Soldiers Angels group. Their role is to provide support to those who have lost a loved one in combat. There are several ways that you can provide support and aid to veteran’s relatives and loved ones.