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How to Show Support for Our Veterans

Veterans are true heroes; these are the men and women who have put their lives on hold to serve in the armed forces to support their country. It is therefore important that we show we support them, and there are various ways that this can be done. We need to show gratitude and teach our children to show appreciation and respect for what they have done. Teachers and schools can help educate kids about veterans, so that they will grow up to respect them and help them when needed.

Practical Help

If you own a company or are in a position to hire people, you can aid veterans’ integration into society by actively seeking out those who are qualified. This is a good way to show that you support these brave men and women and are concerned about their future. There are, in fact, job boards and websites that are specifically geared towards them. This means that you can post an advert on one of these sites to find a willing recruit.

Another kind gesture is being aware of Veterans Day events and making sure you attend them. What’s more, you have the option to volunteer at such events; contact the Veterans Affairs office to see how you can help out. There are many other ways to show your appreciation. You can volunteer to drive them to their medical appointments – look into organizations such as Disabled American Veterans that do just that. You could even enlist to take them to do the shopping. This is certainly important, especially for those individuals who are disabled and alone. You will be helping not only with transport but with companionship as well.


Some veterans may not have family or friends who visit them often. Dropping round for a quick visit is a simple gesture that can be made to offer companionship and assistance. In fact, some may be ill and all alone in hospital, so this would be a good way to show yourself thankful for their sacrifice. There are other organizations involved in supporting veterans. For instance, Canine Companions for Independence is an organization that works tirelessly to provide suitable therapy dogs to help those who are disabled. You can donate money and get in contact with this organization to see other ways in which you can assist.


There are various organizations that you can donate money to, including, for instance, Wounded Warriors and the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America. It is also a good idea to find out which companies actively hire vets and choose to patronize these companies.

When you think of care packages you probably envision actively deployed troops, but you can also put together packages for the veterans. This is especially important for vets who may need some extra help. At the very least, it shows that you care and are grateful for their service. There are myriad ways to help our; maybe somebody needs their house painted or their grass needs mowing.  What other ways can you think of?