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Should You Join the Army?

We’ve all seen the movies, the cartoons, or even had the G.I Joe toy and thought to ourselves – what would it be like to be in the army?

There are many children and teenagers that aspire to put on the military coat in order to help their country and to protect their loved ones. The military nowadays offers many job opportunities that will definitely make you reconsider all your previous career choices. Even though it may seem ever tempting, there is much to consider before making the big leap to join the army.

A Great Education and Healthcare

One of the perks about joining the military is that you not only get to be a valuable citizen that is considered a guardian of the other people, but you also have the opportunity to pursue a college education for free. This is a great opportunity for young adults that simply can’t afford to pay for higher education yet want to see that dream fulfilled. The army wants to have skilled and educated recruits and this is why you will be able to get free education after you sign a contract with the military.

You will also get free healthcare when you are a member of the army. This is a great point to consider if you are in the United States as this is one of the most expensive places to receive healthcare and medical attention in general. Not only that but the military doctors are very skilled, and you will definitely get the best treatment. You are also guaranteed a life-long medical insurance even after you leave the military or if you suffered a wound during your service.

Travel and Accommodation

A perk that many do not know of is that you can also get free flight tickets, if you are patient and willing to wait. You will also get free rent in the city near your military base and allowance that aims to make your lifestyle an enjoyable one. Of course, you also get to travel the world while on mission, but this can also be considered a downside because you have no choice of saying no. And surely you do not have a say in where you will be sent to on your assignment. If you decide to join the army to see the world just be aware that it will be on their terms and not yours, if you are okay with that, then this is an ideal way to do. There are many perks that come from joining the military, however, there are the realities to face as well. As a soldier, you will have to undergo a rigorous training camp and maintain your peak physical condition, as well as know that there is a chance you may be sent off to an assignment at any time where you will be putting your own life at risk. If this sounds appealing to you, and the desire to serve your country outweighs theses points then the military may just be the right spot for you!