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The Best Veterans Organizations in the U.S

There are some first rate veterans organizations in the U.S that give vital help and assistance to veterans and their families. The brave men and women who have worn the nation’s uniform have shown just how patriotic and loyal they are to America, and it is fitting that appreciation should be shown by donating to well deserved veterans charities.

But there are so many organizations that it is easy for some people to be confused which charity offers which support. That is why this blog clarifies what some of the best veterans organizations actually do.

Bob Woodruff Foundation

The BWF or Bob Woodruff Foundation partners with national programs and the military community and helps to promote healthy futures for service members, veterans and their families. Up to date the charity has invested fifty seven million dollars, and has reached out to two and a half million veterans and their families.

Donations go to fund the running of programs that put veterans back to work and assimilate back into the community. Many programs are offered, including active sports to develop leadership skills learned in uniform and transfer them into civilian life.

Fisher House Foundation

This charity is all about supplying homes and a roof over the head of veterans and their families and they can stay while a loved one is away in hospital. Fisher House Foundation supplies accommodation free of charge at this very taxing time for everybody.

The Fisher House homes are located at VA and military medical centers all over the world. It is estimated that the Foundation has saved veterans and their families over four hundred million dollars in lodging expenses.

A typical Fisher House contains roughly twenty suites including a private bedroom. The families then share the other facilities such as laundry, kitchen, living and dining rooms.

Gary Sinise Foundation

The movie actor Gary Sinise began to be heavily involved in helping American veterans after the tragic events of 9/11. And he lent his support to help all veterans going back to the 1970’s and now actively brings global attention to these brave men and women.

The mission statement of the organization is that freedom and security should never be taken for granted by Americans. And the whole American community should extend their hands in times of need for those who willingly make sacrifices to uphold freedom and security in the U.S.

Hope for The Warriors

Hope For The Warriors was founded by the families that were aboard the Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in 2006. Here they were witness to the effects of what war is firsthand. The organization is based around family values, as they attempt to assist the wounded, and family members of those that have fallen.

Hope For Warriors firmly believe that people that have worn the uniform can be repatriated back home by restoring their sense of belief in self, their families, and essentially by having hope in the future. The organization focuses on transition and peer engagement, and offers programs for health and wellness.

All these veterans organizations are fully committed to helping veterans, their families and active servicemen. They are places that brave men and women can go to in their hour of need and perform a vital role in America today.