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Unique Ways to Raise Funds for Veterans and Their Families

Wars are known for their devastating effect on colonies and global population. The negative vibes that cause catastrophic damage can cripple countries and hurt the families of the soldiers irreparably. For example, a war that was mainly based on hatred for a specific race is World War II, which was marked to be the biggest genocide in history. The worst event to devastate the world during the war was the Holocaust. During this time, many Jews were killed, while German soldiers or Nazis believed in a better Germany and continued to annihilate the race from the country and any adjacent ones. In recent years, the wars have gotten worse. Today, wars are considered to be one of the most dangerous out of all the wars that have occurred previously, Mainly because of the easy access to nuclear weapons and advanced artillery. While many countries honor and continue to support the veterans who have fought for the country in some way or the other, most often the finance is never enough. Governments are often worried about saving what is left of the country than the lives of the ones who fight in the wars. For this reason, private organizations set out to raise awareness and build campaigns to help veterans and their families. Included below are some unique and compelling ways in which an individual can raise awareness and raise funds for veterans away at war and their families who are left behind.  


This is a simple yet secure way of receiving and convincing others to provide a fund for a member of the military. This process works through creating a page on social media sites to spread the word and asking if others can make donations to help in any damages physical and mental that the battles have caused to the individual. The reason crowdfunding started in the first place was to help veterans and fellow soldiers in paying their medical fees and expenses. Crowdfunding websites are now branched out to help anyone in need including inventors who can’t find grants. However, the best way to raise money for veterans and their families is through the platform, and by far, the most effective way.

Service Animals

Prescott, Arizona, USA – November 11, 2017: Service dog sitting with owner waiting for command at veterans day parade

As it is used for other individuals who are unable to complete day to day activities on their own, this is a unique way to support a veteran who is unable to cope or requires a difference in their life. Service animals such as dogs are known to be extremely expensive, sometimes racking up to thousands upon thousands of dollars. This is due to the training that they receive. Raising money with a crowdfunding campaign, as listed above or pitching in with other loved ones to afford the training and grooming of service animals is also an excellent way to express how you feel and also support the veteran at the same time.  

Veteran Housing

Shockingly, most of the veterans who return from war are known to be homeless. A rough and estimated amount of veterans who are homeless was at a level of 40,000 in the US alone. This signifies that over 10% of the population in the US homeless population are veterans who returned from battle. Charity campaigns and building small flats in the backyard of your homes for a minimal rent are also a good way of supporting this cause and making a difference, as it can help in providing these veterans with a house to reside in.