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What to Do After You Leave the Military

The military life is definitely one of the most interesting and dynamic careers in the world. But there are many people that choose to quit this path for a multitude of reasons such as an injury, they have finished their service or simply want to try something else. There is a very big stereotype that says that you can’t quit the military or that you have no career options after this. Fortunately enough, this is just a myth. There are many people that end their service and still have successful careers and fulfilling lives thereafter.

A Clean Break

In order to have a good transition back to civilian life you should take into consideration a few things. First of all, make sure that your military service is officially over and that you have no more mandatory tasks that you may be running away from. Also, ensure that you are not burning any bridges. There are many people that completely cut off all their connections with their former superiors and recruiters; while you may think you want nothing to do with these people again, they are still great connections to have. You may perhaps move to another position within the military that doesn’t involve being in the line of duty.

Job Options

If possible, also make sure you have a job, or a few prospects lined up before you leave the service, many quit before they know what they are going to do and these leads to a high percentage of unemployed veterans. There are more options out there than you may think.

Many companies like hiring veterans or people that have finished their service because they appreciate the work of the military has done for the country, and they especially like the discipline and seriousness of the individuals. When you are looking for a job, look for the Military Friendly logo in order to see which company accepts former military members. A great career idea for ex-military members is operations manager. Here you will be able to use your organization skills and flair for management to help a team function and perform at their best. There are many former military members that managed to reach top position in the shortest time thanks to their training.

Human resource manager is another career choice that seems to be a job that is perfectly tailored for former military members. Your former experience is perfect for evaluating people and their skills as well as managing their behavior and keeping an organized and productive department, all skills gained in the military. Depending on the company it is also a career in which you can advance and work your way up to higher positions.

While it may seem overwhelming at first, leaving the military, whether discharged or voluntarily, is not as scary as it may seem. There are great options out there nowadays for ex members, meaning you can lead a normal and successful life after the service. We wish you the best on this new step in life.