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Why Our Veterans Need Our Help

There are various reasons why a soldier would become a veteran: they have finished their tour of duty, are forced to stop due to an injury, or they have dedicated their entire lives to the military and are at the age of retirement. The prestige they get when they return from the battle field is grand but many times it is not enough just to praise them for their hard work, but to give them more of what they may need to integrate back into society. This is due to the fact that most of them have post-traumatic stress disorder because of the strain suffered on the battlefield. There are many national structures that work on their re-integration in the society but in the end, we are also part of the society and their work was to protect us. This is one of the reasons why we should help the fellow veterans.

Proper Care

Veterans are former military members and this is why they are used to tough times. Because of this they often tend to neglect the health signs or just plain ignore them. This is very bad because the trauma they suffered during war is not something that will simply go away with time. There are many veterans that had to find a relief after the war and often they started drinking or doing drugs. This thing could be prevented with therapy, family and community’s help. Just taking anti-depression pills is simply not enough.

The veterans should be re-integrated in the community step by step. You have to take into consideration that they lived for months or even years in stressful conditions in which most of us couldn’t survive. The re-integration in the society is a great shock because they hadn’t had normal interaction and proper daily schedules in years. Remember that you have to take baby steps in order to make sure that you don’t put them into a greater stress.

Coming Back to Society

Veterans have to understand that speaking up and telling that they suffer is not considered a point of weakness or that they are whining. Take into consideration that they were used to being strong and leaving all their feeling aside. For them coming back in the society and facing their feeling and fears years or months after the traumatic event happened. This is like a huge waterfall would come onto your head in a second. They have to be considered normal persons when they start opening up and not to be attacked or taken down because they might not open up again.

They are very strong people that may not even realize that they changed or that they suffer. They need the full support of the family and the community while they do this re-integration process. Veterans have to be warned by the change in their behavior but the way you do it is essential. They might feel attacked or taken down and this is extremely dangerous. They need help to realize that they should seek assistance. It may sound complicated but without this they will keep all their trauma inside and continue to suffer without us knowing about it.